About Us

Since its inception in 1992, we at KMC have devoted ourselves to the core and infrastructure service sector, with the belief that development of new products and customer trust are the most important driving forces for growth.

 We are among the leading manufacturers of MS gratings, cable trays, grizzly, structural  fabrication and foundation bolt.

Now, over 23 years later, we offer a large variety of products, yet conventional gratings continue to be our core product. Our niche design has made it our forte.

Our name has become tantamount with the product as a result of our 23 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying gratings worldwide.

We fabricate gratings, cable trays and other materials under dead set quality assurance plan of various inspection agencies and their associated consultants such as EIL/MECON/MN DASTUR/LLOYD/DNV etc.

As a company pursuing growth, KMC would like to assure you that it will reward its customers with top quality products.

We at KMC would like to take this opportunity to pledge that we will do our best to achieve further quality improvement of products for our customers to advance into the world stage. Your incessant guidance and encouragement will be greatly appreciated.